MSI Microstar MS 6309 BIOS Update?

I have an 11 year old Microstar MSI MS-6309 motherboard which does not allow for bootable USB ports.

The full ID is as follows.


From the year 2001

It shows as American Megatrends Inc. v62710 of 256MB

The processor is an Intel PIII Coppermine 1000MHz

L1 cache 32KB
L2 cache 128MB

Socket 370

Is there an upgrade for this BIOS and, if upgraded, would it allow me to boot from the USB2 ports (4 external, 1 internal.)

The USB1 setup from a socket on the MB to the front of the box has been faulty from the outset. (Packard-Bell iXtreme)

Plugging a USB stick in caused the entire system to lock up solid.

Any help would be much appreciated.

If the chipset can be updated as well so much the better.

Ian Chattan.

(The computer is off-line.)
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  1. Boot from a bootable CD. I like the NTFS4DOS CD as you can place the new BIOS file and flasher program on C:\ and run from there.
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