HELP!!!! I tried to update my graphics driver and downloaded this driver from the Nvidia website. IT started to run and I chose the clean install option. Now I just get a black screen and Windows does not load. IT goes from blue to amber (button on the bottom) as if it is going back to sleep. I know that the monitor still works as I hooked my laptop up to it and it works just fine. I tried the Windows 7 startup disk and nothing has worked. Any ideas?
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  1. Try booting in safe mode and removing the driver
    Restart and press f8 BEFORE windows logo apears.
  2. I can't boot in safe mode cause nothing shows up on the screen I have nothing that allows me to determine where I am in sequence of the startup.
  3. Do you see the post screen?
  4. I am not sure what that is, but I don't see anything at all. just goes immediately black
  5. When you first switch on your PC, do you see anything bios related?
    something like this
    but that depends on your motherboard make , what motherboard make do you have?
  6. No, I do not see anything. Just tried to start it and hold down F8 and nothing.
  7. any ideas?
  8. Check cables, power supply ram, etc etc/
    What card do you have?
  9. Nvidia 7300 Ge Force LE and I checked all the cables, going to try to unplug everything not necessary and reboot. Any clue on why windows 7 startup isn't repairing it either?
  10. 7350 sorry
  11. I am not sure, but if you are getting no post then it sounds like a hardware error.
    You should be getting post no matter what OS/drivers.
  12. I am sure that the system is doing it, I just can't see it on the monitor. It sounds like it is booting up as normal. any way to attach my laptop monitor to the desktop so that I can see what is going on to try and fix it?
  13. Yep, if you don't see the white text on black in the beginning there is a hardware failure somewhere.
  14. I never saw that before thought when it booted up, it always went to the windows logon screen, there is a way to change that in the bios so that you don't always see that, and mine was set that way
  15. How can a hardware failure result from a simple driver installation failure ?!?!
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