PLease heLp buying ASAP 800-900$

Approximate Purchase Date: Asap ( have the money now )

Budget Range: 850-950$ before rebate and TAX ( havent had chance to buy my computer because of 100$ tax and my money isnt enough ) cheaper is better ..

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Light MMO RPG Gamer , Movies , net

Parts Not Required: i have acer A221HQV Lcd Monitor ( ibought 100$ ) , OS , etc

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Amazon , newegg , Frys ?

Country of Origin: US

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: yes not soon

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: i wouLd Like to have a cheap HSF .. i dont care if its AMD or INTEL buiLd .. im thinking of AMD 955 buiLd to be cheaper .. but i wanna make sure and ask experts

Here's my build that I'm considering:

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  1. Alright so check out this guide right here for the 600$ build.
    Switch out the i3 2100 for the i5 2400 since you're not sure about OCing, this would save you 50$ but give you similar performance to the 2500K (without OC) You can also upgrade the motherboard in the meantime for future CF/SLI +100
    Then upgrade the GPU to this card that'll add $100 but you have 20$ MIR
    This would give you a huge performance boost, and the 560 Ti runs cool but this is stock OC'd and performs at the level of a 570 as well.
    Finally upgrade the power supply for future SLI. +30
    Gives you a 750w, 80+, and enough cables to SLI.

    Total: $830
  2. maybe i can sQueeze my budget more to 1000$ without rebate .. i just wanna have a GOOD COMPUTER .. i will only use it around 3-4 hours a day but will run 24/7
  3. if you really want to properly fill your budget that you have allotted, then go for a z68/ 2500k build easily the best bang for your buck imho, I have the storm scout and well its awesome (Of course I replaced most of the fans except for the top one with enermax magma 120mm fans and they move massive amounts of air and are basically silent.

    Then again on the cheap the 955 is only 110 at frys and you could get that and a cheap am3 mobo and probably be well under your budget and will more then meet your processing power needs imo.

    The Sandy Bridge chips are amazing but the value or a 955 is almost unbeatable at the ~100 dollar cpu mark (look at my sig below mines easily at 3.9ghz 24/7) and an am3 mobo will cost you significantly less to get the features you want vs a p67 or z68 setup, either would be great choices but that is my 2 cents
  4. You don't need to get 1000$ to build a good computer. The parts I just suggested, they're fine. Cheap doesn't mean bad...
    I just gave you a build that saves you 120$.
  5. yeah you have a nice build aznshinobi but for the money I'd go with a 955 for a little of a cheaper build. If I was going sandy bridge I'd at least spulrge for the i52500k which imo is the best bang for your buck
  6. ^ True it is, but if OP doesn't OC no point. But if he does, then it'd be a little extra that'd be worth it .
  7. that was i was thinking ..

    955 + 6850 is enough for me i guess .. lem me buiLd one for me ..

    and jjb i have the same mouse too ^^
  8. An i5 2500k will last him a lot longer than the 955 will, you could wait for bulldozer though, not sure how good it will be as compared to sandy bridge though.
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