Need a 2.0 or backwards compatible PSU

I have an ABIT AI7 pentium 4 MB. I need a 2.0 or backwards compatible PSU 500 - 650 Watts. Any Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hmmm, need that -5V line? Unfortunately, you're in the realm of the PSU-shaped object by modern standards. This one has it, and unlike Diablotek and Logisys, I don't think I've seen any reviews of them blowing up:

    Actually, if you must, go with this one:
    It is one of the few Apevia/Aspire units I've seen not actually burn. It is woefully inefficient, and good for not much more than 500W, but at least it probably won't destroy your PC:
  2. if you looking for one like that try to find a zippy emacs seriously the are the best in their class
  3. Are they still available?
    Anyway, I found this one that's full range: but it is a little pricey.
  4. yeah in canada and europe
  5. The Coolermaster Extreme Power series has the -5V rail, but might not hack the load: shows that this model (very similar, and made by the same OEM [Seventeam] as this one) is only good for maybe 450W and could be dangerous to attached equipment. You know you're getting crap when you buy something like Diablotek, but Coolermaster just conceals theirs a little better.
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    I'm curious.
    1. What do you need 500 to 650 watts for ?

    2. Got any ISA cards ? Not much need for a -5v rail if you don't.

    ATX ver 2.0 doesn't include an 8 pin EPS connector, that's the major difference between it and the newer ATX versions.
    Thanks to the 4+4 connector you shouldn't have a problem finding a " backwards compatible " psu.
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