Pcie x16 mobo

ok guys im upgrading my pc now however i need to know a mother board that have pci e x16 3.0 slot remember 3.0 slot
cpu choice am3+ or intel i3 i5 i7
just i want a board who have dual pcie x16 3.0 slot because i m gamer and time yo upgrade note please dont send any 2.0 slot suggestion repeat no 2.0 slot suggestion
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  1. Any z77 chip for intel.
  2. or any better choice
  3. z77 chip is best for intel now.
  4. If you want to get amd cpu, then there will be other option. I am also going to buy one, but not z77 as i am tight on budget. I am getting h61 which also support pcie 3.0 or 880g which not. As my gpu is hd6770, so no need to worry about that.
  5. ok now any am3+ pcie 3.0 slot mobo
  6. No am3+ supports pcie 3.0. Even 990fx chip.
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