Is my motherboard dead?

I came home from school yesterday, powered up the computer, but nothing happened. The monitor didnt light up, there was no *beep* from the internal speaker, but the fans inside were still moving (case fans, cpu fan, graphics card fans). I changed monitors, powered on, same thing. So it isnt the monitor. I went inside (i initially thought my graphics card was the problem) and put the GPU from the first pci16 to the second just for the heck of it. Booted up, IT WORKED! Windows 7 was fine, everything was fine EXCEPT for the sound. No matter what speaker, headphone, no matter if it was plugged into the case or motherboard, no sound. So dissected my computer again, making sure that no cables were out or whatever. Went to boot again, had the no boot problem AGAIN. The lights would light up, fans would spin, but no *beep* and no visual. It was not a power supply issue. So i took everything from the computer out, placed my motherboard on its box that it came with and just powered on using the bare minimum of mobo, ram, gpu, psu, cpu, and hard drive. Nothing happened.

Then i took the memory out because i knew that if there was no *beeping* from the speaker, then it was a motherboard issue. No beeping at all. I was almost positive it was the motherboard.

Then i noticed that there was a red light on that said, "cpu light." I was wondering if that meant the cpu was malfunctioning, for if the cpu isnt working, then there wouldnt be any bootup. I am almost sure that the GPU is ok based on the tests.

If you have ANY comments, please post, i am willing to hear ANYTHING. If you have question of if i did this or that, PLEASE POST! I am very worried because i bought all these parts in March this year, they are not even 6 months old, they shouldnt have any issues. This is the first really bad issue ive had and upset over it.

Thanks for reading,

My specs:
AMD Phenom x4 @3.0
GTX 560 (gigabyte)
WD 160gb hd @7200
Patriot 8gb @ 1600
Cooler Master 850W w/ 80+ bronze
Cooler master fans (2)
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  1. Yeah motherboards have a tendency to do that when there on there last legs, your best bet would be to buy a replacement board, if you can manage to post also try increasing the cpu voltage up one notch as this can help for boards that dont boot all the time ive noticed, not a guarantee on that though.
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