Which board for my i5-2500k?

I am currently building a new PC for gaming/streaming and need a little bit of help on which mobo to purchase. I am really set on the i5-2500k processor and have been reading a ton of information about the different boards. I do not plan on upgrading anytime soon or need anything for IvyBridge. I was thinking about a p67 since I do not plan on using the integrated graphics. I do not need SLI/Crossfire. I am just curious about which board to actually get. I will list what I will be planning to do here:

2 hard drives (1 SSD with a HDD or 2 HDD)
1 video card
2x4g RAM
Overclock the processor
Stream games @ 720p

Just looking for a really solid board for something like that. My price range is around $150-$175 if that helps. Any kind of response would be greatly appreciated :) been running in circles trying to find something
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  1. Get this one. ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3 Weekend deal!

    Great oveclocker!

    Your Price: $159.99
    With Promo Code
    $139.99 After $20.00 MIR

  2. nikorr said:

    Not sure if I need anything that beefy... It is a nice board though. I'm kind of just looking for your standard board that everyone buys for gaming for this chip and uses for OC
  3. For this price $139.99, u will not find a better mobo.

    And its bellow the budget of yours -> $150-$175

    BTW, I have the board, and it OC'd to 4.9GHz stable.
  4. nikorr said:
    For this price $139.99, u will not find a better mobo.

    And its bellow the budget of yours -> $150-$175

    BTW, I have the board, and it OC'd to 4.9GHz stable.

    Ok I'm sold on the board :) Sorry for the worry about it (came across some bad reviews) and recommended is p67 if I don't want IB or the onboard GPU. Is there anything else you would recommend for it? Sorry for the hassle...nervous first time build. Thanks
  5. It is a fast mobo, stable, works as I like it - no issues. IB compatible. Runs cool.

    And the price is right. Bluetooth is built in too. I used this mobo for couple of builds and worked great. No complaints, so far. I like ASUS and Gigabyte mobos.

    For the SB CPU's I used only ASUS and ASrock.

    UEFI BIOS (EZ Mode) - Flexible & Easy BIOS Interface - I like that too. Step up from the BIOS.

    ASUS Digital Power Design : - Industry leading Digital 16 Phase Power Design

    (12 -phase for CPU, 4 -phase for iGPU)

  6. The mobo itself looks good with all that passive cooling.

  7. And Z68 is as good as P67.

    With more features.
  8. And it comes with OEM Norton AV if needed : ) Free for year.
  9. I do not want the Pro one correct?
  10. Correct.
  11. Thanks for all the help. I have one more question. Will this SSD fit on that board http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148442

    edit: dropped the SSD going with standard 1TB harddrive.
  12. thank you so much for the mobo help! :D much appreciated! here is the set up I ended up with as of yet: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4nl717v3o1r90yc7o1_500.jpg
  13. Everything you listed is ordered and on the way :) Thank you Nikorr for all your help! I really appreciate it :) Now to get it all together and hope for no hang ups lol. I will come back to this post after I complete it :D thank you so much
  14. Cool : )
  15. saved the page to favorites ;) thanks again...will probably be using it that's for sure lol
  16. That page is needed :D
  17. ok I'm sold :P
  18. thank you by the way :D
  19. You're welcome!
  20. I have one more question :P on the Asus board, how many fans can it support? I just ordered the Antec 300 case and it comes with two Antec TriCool fans in the rear and I ordered two 120mm fans for the front of the case (79CFM@max).
  21. Everything arrived except the memory. Figured out that I don't want a 1TB HDD, would rather use it for storage. Thinking of getting a good HDD or SSD. The problem I now encounter is buying a nice HDD for boot/load times is almost ridiculous considering an SSD will cost you the same price...might as well go with the SSD. Thoughts?
  22. I have a slower and older generation of that drive and it is very fast.

    If u never had one, it will knock your socks off.
  23. ok its on the way :D thanks. I am having quite a bit of trouble finding mounting screws for this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827135204 and i have no idea where to order some :( looking right past the little part that said OEM...whoops
  24. It could be included in the case.

    Some cases have screw less bracket.

    Radioshack will have them, or any other Hobby store : ) Or Bestbuy.
  25. not a screwless bracket :( it slides around..yeah the case manual says to use screws from your optical drive product. But, the case did come with a bunch of screws for mobo and PSU mounting, looks like there is extras though. I'm going to go ahead and just mount the mobo and PSU and see whats left over for hardware. If not I'll hit up those places for them :P thanks for the help!
  26. So use just 2 screws and add the others latter, when u will go get them.
  27. Just got the Mobo, optical drive, PSU, and HDD in it. The case has tons of extra screws lol. Was able to get the optical in just fine :D Some people were telling me to build the mobo outside of the case as much as I can but I really think that is very tedious..going for in case build.
  28. No, don't do that.

    If something will not work, u will have to take it out : ) All of it!

    I know its tempting, but u don't even have a RAM at the moment.
  29. U need to do to put mobo on the box it came in, insert the RAM,

    plug in the PSU 8pin+24pin cables and check if it boots into the BIOS.

    EDIT: Don't forget to install the CPU+CPU cooler : )
  30. If it does, go right ahead, to the case install.
  31. do i have to have a screen hooked up to it?
  32. Yes, u need to see this screen : )

  33. And don't touch the mobo and CPU on the pins.

    Don't short the parts, always touch metal on the case, before u touch the parts!!!
  34. yeah ive been actually touching the case everytime lol..super paranoid D: i have touched the mobo on the edges but have never touched the surfaces
  35. That's the way it should be.

    And when applying the thermal paste on the CPU,

    don't touch the flat area with bare hand.
  36. ok everything is set up and waiting for RAM to come...

    Also, thanks for recommending that board. That thing is beautiful!
  37. It sucks, when u have to wait, doesn't it? : )
  38. yeah LOL
  39. Any reason I should get an NIC? instead of using the stock one on the board?
  40. ok i got the mobo hooked up to the PSU with the memory installed. i used a paper clip on the PSU for it to run. The mobo isnt showing any power to it with the 8 pin connector plugged in at the top of the board. do i have to have the case plugged into the mobo? also i have pressed the power button on the mobo with no results.
  41. U need to plug in the 24pin too.
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