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I'm on my laptop right now pissed because I'm trying to RAID 0 two SSD and a new power supply i just received. I have everything plugged in correctly but when i turn the computer on my monitor can't recognize my HDMI connection and i notice my mouse and keyboard don't like up so I'm assuming that they are not recognizing as well?
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  1. Ur kinda over reacting on this, Open her back up look everything over, atx plug, 4pin cpu plug. Just give it good lookin.
    Did it used to recognize hdmi monitor? If yes maybe reseat the video card? Still having problems see if you can try maybe dvi monitor instead of hdmi.

    Someone help me out here if im wrong but if mouse n keyboard dont light up that means its not getting past bios splash screen.

    Look in your motherboard manual and see if there is bios reset jumper or button and then try starting pc again.
  2. Another thing to try... I read over you getting new psu also.
    If cables are long enough try laying the old psu next to your computer and hooking all the main cables up the motherboard(of course disconnecting your new psu). And try firing it up again with old one, might have DOA psu. That would explain maybe why you arnt getting mouse n keyboard n all that jazz.
  3. ok so my old power supply is working fine but it's not letting me go to the bios screen to set up the RAID 0 first. It's just telling me to reboot and select proper boot device and when i put my window 7 CD in it just wants me to install it first. I should be able to just go to bios first right or do i need to install window then set up RAID?
  4. I fixed it and got it working now but anyone might know why my new power supply is not functioning correctly? besides it might being a dead?
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