ATI 5570 XFX, Asus or Sapphire??


I'm upgrading my PC and the graphics card is part of it. I don't do gaming but do lots of multi-tasking and would like to use the PC for HD video.

I have under £50 to spend (I have pushed it up a little as originally it was -£40) and after doing a bit of looking around I have narrowed it down to (all DDR3 1GB and very similarly priced):




Which one should I go for? Your help is much appreciated.

System spec:
AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2
Antec 430W basiq PSU
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  1. Considering I got no responses I'm going for the XFX. I do not have to pay delivery with that one and it has lifetime warranty. My only concern is reliability.
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