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Need help cloning SSD drive!

I've got a backup program called EASEAUS BAckup that has a clone disk option. Has clone disk sector-by-sector option as well.

I copied my entire current boot drive (60GB Corsair SSD) to my new drive (120GB OCZ Agility 3 SSD) - but it won't boot.

STRANGE part (To me at least): when i ordered this system from iBuyPower I ordered a 60GB SSD as boot drive, and 1TB HDD (SATA3) as a data drive. My boot drive WILL NOT BOOT without the 1TB data drive plugged in. I even have to select the 1TB HDD as the boot drive in BIOS!! And yes - all my windows files (Windows/ directory) *is* on the 60HB SSD drive. I also have a 2nd 1TB HDD. So right now there's my 60GB SSD, 120GB SSD, and 2 1TB HDDs. All I want to do is be able to use my 120GB as my boot drive so I can remove my 60GB and put it in something else.

Here's a screenshot of disk manager:

What's going on??? Why will my original 60GB SSD not boot unless the 1TB is both connected AND selected as the boot drive in BIOS?

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    I think I can answer one question. The 60GB won't boot without the 1TB because of the 100MB partition on disk3. Windows uses a small system partition that you can put wherever you want and iBuyPower must have kept that partition off the SSD to save space. Also, if I had to guess, the FOR WINDOWS 2 partition on disk3 could be where they put the page file.

    I would imagine there's ways of cleaning it all up so that everything works the way you want, but the only headache-free way is going to be with a fresh install. I know that can be scary, but backing up your data and putting a new installation on the 120GB drive is the most reliable way. If you do that, I suggest unplugging your 1TB drives before hand because the windows installer might see that there is a 100MB system partition on the 1TB drive and try to automatically put the next one there.
  2. Are u sure that there is not any part of the back up on that 1TB drive too?
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