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well i am lookin forward fr a good mid end gaming rig ...every thing is kinda sorted out but THE motherboard is a becoming a big problem fr me to choose ......i live in pakistan so there arnt much brands and variety here,we have ASUS ,INTEL,AS rock and have limited products(we do have gigabytes and msi but are really low end ones) ,what i am lookin fr is a good,LONG LASTING,well some good features fr gaming and other features tooo as well ,little bit of over clocking ,i may use 2 graphic cards in the future ,so SLi or crossfire(or both) well initially i m going with 1..my budget is around 120$-180$ max....i am stuck between P8Z68-V LE or p8z68-pro.......P8Z68-V LE is around 145 $ and on the other hand P8Z68-V LE pro is of around 240$ ..so shud i buy P8Z68-V LE or wait and buy the pro 1.....well if there is any other recommendation that you cud give ,ill be entertained.....umm in pakistan we have asus maximus series motherbords(but they are way expensive fr me),we have sabertooth p67 an x58(225$ each),variety of as rock boards and some other boards too.......well my other pc specs are intel core i5 2500k,cool master gx 550 power supply,sapphire amd hd 6870,8gb corsair vengeance ram,and cooler master hyper 212 evo cpu cooler,cooler master 690 II Plus NVIDIA edition .......so which motherboard????????????????????????links fr available mobos in pakistan .....
guys please reply soon
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  1. You know what features you want. I always go for value. Pick a board with only the features you will use every day. There are only two or three board manufacturers left in the world for basic desktop boards. Quality seems to vary by the lot number or model number of a specific brand. I just read the newegg reviews for specific boards and see if any have a common problem before I order.
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