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i have installed MS server 2k3 enterprise edition, given roles for DC, DNS and DHCP, gone to Applications server and enabled DTC, added my computer and one user yet, as far as i know i can see these items in AD clearly. Oh i had also finished to configure the DHCP scope. on my server the IP address is static(thats obvious), the prefered DNS server is problem though is;
when i connect the computer onto the switch (its a basic 3com 8port), it reads "limited or no connectivity"
please help me "what am i not doing right, what am i missing doing"
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  1. Check your DHCP scope. With the way you have it configured, you'll need DHCP to hand out DNS and the default router.

    On the client side, DNS will be your local DNS server. This should forward out to your ISP's DNS server if unable to resolve locally.

    You'll want to set the default gateway to your router instead of to your server.

    If you were able to get the computer to join the domain and create the computer account, DNS internally is working properly.

    As far as the switch, you'll want your router plugged into the switch and your server plugged into the switch.

    Make sure this is a switch.

    And the most important take away on this: Make sure your router has DHCP disabled on it. Your server is doing DHCP so you don't need the router to do it.

    Also, make sure your router and server do not have the same IP address. For home use your DHCP scope can be x.x.x.100 to x.x.x.254 as an example.

    The router is generally or 0.1 - depending on brand. The server could be something like If you're not using the 192 subnet, 10.x.x.x is reserved for business use. Same concepts apply
  2. nice answer
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