Rig suggestions for gaming and 3d work

Hi guys!
I'm currently having this :

4GB ram

Am thinking of having this :

i5 2500k or i7 2600k
gtx460 for now
4gb ram

1. can u recommend me which motherboard to buy from Gygabyte or Asus that will accept this cpu and is future proof
2.Is it smarter to get 15 2500 k or i7 2600k thats sligthly better? Is it good for gaming future? Ofc plan on gaming maxed out in every game if possible,will get 580 gtx later on :)

Let me know guys asap pls so I can be sure this is the right choice thanks!
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  1. My main goal is to run all future games like BF3 Metro Rage Skyrim on Maxed out.
    Let me know guys if I made good choice and whihc one is better choice of cpus and whcih motherboard that will support those.
  2. And am also plannning ion getting gtx580 soon after these :)
  3. If you are serious about doing "3D work", then the Core i7-2600K would be my recommendation. Just make sure that whatever 3D programs you intend on using can take advantage of Hyper Threading (HT).

    Games do not make use of HT and if the programs you intend on using do not use HT as, then the Core i5-2500k would be the better choice.
  4. Thanks!
    any more suggestions?
    Which mobo to get?
  5. I suspect a Q9550 with a little bump, and a GTX580, would run about anything you want.

    I also suspect that the Diamond Radeon HD 6950 2GB for $265 after rebate, modded to an HD6970 would run anything you want, and leave an additional $200 in your pocket ...

    that would go a long way toward a new 2500k or, gasp, a six-core Bulldozer Zambezi, when you felt like your CPU was holding you back.
  6. Thanks wisecracker,Well I want it future proof so since I got chance to get hang of i7 or i5 wanna get best :)

    can you guys tell me what chipset is best to get ?
    I wanted Z68 which ones u guys recommend?
    Also would like mobo that will alow me Sli afterwards and such.
  7. nellement said:
    Thanks wisecracker,Well I want it future proof so since I got chance to get hang of i7 or i5 wanna overpay for performance I don't need, that will be out-dated in four months, anyway, by SB-E and Bulldozer :)


    You should read *How To Ask For New Build Advice* and have this thread moved to New Builds

    Good luck [:jaydeejohn:5]
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