Power Supply Upgrade for gateway gt5428

I have a gateway gt 5428 and I need to buy a new power supply to support the BFG 9800 GT video card a friend gave me. I'm not sure what I'm looking for when I'm searching for power supplies other than needing it to be at least 400w. What do you recommend that I get that would work well with my computer? Thanks.
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  1. You will get away with using only 400w. I would go with either one of this. Antec has better quality BUT the other two will suffice.

  2. Those take normal sized power supplies justmake sure you have the power connections you need (molex, pcie, video, motherboard, processor...)

    With that being an older system I figure you need at least a few molex so I recommend the Corsair builders series 430w
  3. Antec EA380 W or Corsair CX430W
  4. Thanks guys, I might just go with either the Antec or Corsair brands as I hear those brands are pretty good for power supplies. Also if I decide to buy another more powerful video card such as say any current Radeon 6000 series or current Geforce cards, I shouldn't have to upgrade my power supply after this right?
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