Varied connection speed per computer with router

Ok this is driving me crazy, I have above average computer knowledge but lack in networking knowledge. The issue is my belkin n router supports speeds up to 300mbps, my wife’s computer connects at that speed. She is running Win7. My computer (vista), which has a intel 5100 wireless card that supports that speed, will only connect at 150mbps.

No matter what settings I adjust, that is the best I can do. No matter where I am in relation to the router, the speed will not change (of course if I get far away it drops). Even when it is side by side with my wife’ she still gets 300 and I get 150.
What am I missing? What setting have I got wrong? I have current and best firmware for the router and most current driver for my wifi card.

I feel like I have something simple set wrong.

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  1. have tried updating the drivers from the Intel website?
  2. yep, have the most up to date driver for wireless adapter and firmware for router
  3. are you controlling the NIC via Intel software or windows?
  4. Emerald said:
    are you controlling the NIC via Intel software or windows?

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