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I recently got a new computer which doesn't have a ps2 port. I got a ps2 to usb adapter to use my old ps2 keyboard, this works fine for most tasks but doesn't work so well in games. I tried playing gta 4 and ran into problems when driving a car. When I try to accelerate the car would accelerate for about 5 seconds, then it would act like I let the button go. So I basically have to let the button up then press it again every 5 seconds to keep accelerating.

I tried mapping a different key which did nothing. When I try using the keyboard in notepad it works fine, I can press and hold a key with no problems. I tried two different keyboards with the same results for both keyboards. I am using Windows 7 which recognized the adapter as soon as I plugged it in. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Any drivers that I can get to fix this?

I bought this adapter:

I want to buy an old mechanical keboard like an IBM model M, but now I am not sure if I can get an old keyboard to work with games.
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  1. i also have the same problem i bought system with i5 2400 and H67 motherboard which doesn't have ps2 port. I have connected mouse and keyboard of my old computer with the help of adapter. Any key doesn't get detected continuously for more than 2-3 seconds so while playing games i have to depress the key and press it again.
    even in BlackOps,MW2 games i can't go forward for more than 2-3 seconds continuously this is really a pain. i have not found any solution to this maybe i will get new USB keyboard and mouse
    if anyone got solution to this please share it
  2. Weird. I have used several PS2 to USB adapters on video editing systems that had Avid PS2 video editing keyboards (with the symbol keys and hotkeys for Avid) and they routinely hold down certain keys during editing to perform different tasks, and it seems to work fine. Maybe you bought a cheap brand? I think the ones I used were Belkin.
  3. slow response time, prob the goofy adapter. Pay $20 and get a new keyboard thats USB
  4. I have a usb keyboard that works fine, but I want to get an old mechanical keyboard that will have a ps2 or AT connection. The reason I got this particular adapter is that in the monnoprice review section people specifically mentioned that this adapter works with the IBM model M keyboard.
  5. I have the same problem with my Windows 7 (i5-2450M) notebook. Bought the PS2 to USB adapter from eBay. The special media keys in my LogiTech keyboard don't work with the adapter. But that's understood. The annoying thing is when playing games (especially NFS Most Wanted). The game takes that i "let go" of the up arrow key after a few seconds! This behaviour couldn't be found with any other app on my PC. Anybody know a solution or workaround (other than replacing the keyboard with a USB one of course)? Thanks.
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