King of the PC Cases?

I've got to admit here. I think there's a new champ on a PC case price/performance wise.

CASE: Cooler Master HAF 922 $90 (Amazon) (3x 200mm fans!) Intake - Front, Side, Bottom / Exhaust - Rear, Top

Extra Fan: Cooler Master 200mm fan $18 (Amazon)


That case will have 3x 200mm fans and one is DIRECTLY above the GPU's. Plus, another 120mm fan. It also fits any size GPU.

I challenge anyone to find a better case and fan for that price.
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  1. henydiah said:

    NZXT makes good cases, but that case has ZERO 200mm fans, which is a huge deal, especially for the GPU's, and the HAF 922 can hold larger GPU's too.
  2. Maybe king of the mid tower cases.
  3. vigilante212 said:
    Maybe king of the mid tower cases.

    Yes, but how many people truly NEED a full size case? I never understand why so many buy it, take pics of their new build, and its completely empty LOL. Plus 200mm fans make the "full size has better airflow" argument a moot point.
  4. So by "king of the pc cases" you mean "king of the reasonably priced, mid tower cases with 200mm fans"? Any other requirements that you haven't mentioned?
  5. I personally don't like the look of the HAF cases. I bought this one and it keeps everything cool for me. Honestly don't think I need 200mm fans; 3 140mm and a 120mm seems plenty.
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