Assain Creed Brotherhood stuttering

Guys i recently bought Ac brotherhood.But sadly the game is stuttering not badly but still annoying.I am using 5850 and catlyst 10.3.Other AC games didnot stutter .Are you guys also facing it?
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  1. full system specs? ACB likes a fast quad core, why arent you using more recent drivers? Id upgrade them but gimme your full system specs and ill tell you if you are up to par, also list you monitors res
  2. I am using q9550 stock and 4gb ram.Monitor res 1024-768.
  3. hmm your system sounds adequate especially for that low of a res, I would rec upgrading your drivers since 10.3 might be causing your problems
  4. Do you have the game?
  5. ^
    nope ive played the first one and it generally requires a fast quad, which your is not at stock, also keep in ming that low resolutions rely more on the cpu rather than the gpu so that could also be a contributing factor to your crappy performance... you can get a 1280X1024 for maybe 30 bucks used I would either consider that or trying some new drivers, the 10.3 drivers are old as hell why don't you try out 11.2 or the new 11.3 drivers and see if you get any improvements... if not then its likely do to the fact that your running an older stock quad whose clocks arent very high and the fact that when running at low res the gaming is more reliant on gpu power as opposed to a higher res such as 1080p which is more dependent on the gpu
  6. Ubisoft it up hard again, I have a phenom II 955 OC to 3.5ghz and a 5850 with latest 11.3 drivers, and it stutters like hell, either vsync on or off, disabled two cores, run as admin, xp mode reset OC to default, neither patch 1.01 nor latest 1.02 made anything.

    Also I play at 1360x768 on a HDTV. It bothered me enough for uninstalling the POS they made us wait for for 5 months and getting a refund, last time I buy a sh*tty ubisoft product.

    Search around on google and there are loads of people having the same issues, both amd and nvidia users so it's not a driver problem.
  7. yeah I notice the same thing with a gtx 570 and a 955 at 3.9ghz, its ridiculous it like the textures don't get loaded into memory on time or something I think its poorly coded
  8. some people are saying cat 11.2 makes the gameplay smooth.So jj the game is stuttering in your pc also.I got poor framerate in AC1 and 2. At least those two never stuttered.But this one is giving poor framerate and stuttering. All AC games are console port horribly done.
  9. I got the game when I was using 11.2 and was hoping for it to get solved on 11.3, guess what it didn't, then patch 1.01 then 1.02 for the game, didn't do anything.

    AC2 looked like crap on the shadows and detail distance, and also gave relatively low framerates for how the game looked, but it was far more playable at a solid 35-50 fps all the time with no stuttering, now in brotherhood I get over 60fps most of the time and it looks much better than AC2, but the stuttering is annoying enough to make it unplayable.
  10. I have found a solution to fix stuttering.Before running the game disconnect from internet,turn of AV,disable window aero(use a classic theme).And most importantly run the game as administrator.Right click on the ACBSP icon select properties and then compaibility then tick run as administrator.When running the game right click and then click run as administrator.This has fixed my stuttering.Though it still stutters during cutscenes which takes palce indoors.Cheers.
  11. wow, im willing to do anything but disabling AV back and forth just to play a game, I don't need that crappy unoptimized game.
  12. My gpu temp is 77c while playing it.No point in doing all that when i disable AV AND FIREWALL while playing any game.
  13. who cares honestly that game is a steaming pile of crap that is meant to be played on an xbox
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