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Hi guys,

I recently upgraded my motherboard to the Asus P8Z77-V Pro, and have been having some issues regarding audio. In particular, I am having issues with the Realtek ALC892 audio chipset and Realtek HD Audio Manager software. For some reason, unlike older versions of Realtek HD Audio Manager, I am unable to reconfigure connectors (ie. set the blue/green/pink rear connectors to a specific input/output). For this reason, I am unable to connect both my speakers and headphones to the rear connectors.

Only the green connector (1 out of the 6 rear audio jacks) is configured as speaker out. This connector allows me to use either my desktop speakers with a speaker profile, or, if connected to headphones, allows me to use a headphone profile.

My issue is, I am unable to use 2 out of the 6 rear connectors to connect both my headphones and desktop speakers at the same time. I'm looking for any ideas or possible solutions that would either let me reassign the rear audio connectors, or, allow me to connect both headphones and speakers through the rear with the ability to switch between the two.

I do have the option to use the front pannel headphone jack, but would prefer it if I could have both devices connect through the rear.

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  1. When you connect jack to rear port, there will be pop-up to select which connection it is.

    If no pop out and you cant configure yourself from sound manager, then uninstall the driver and install new driver. Download it from asus site.
  2. When I connect the jack to the rear port, I receive the pop-up, but I am unable to retask the item to headphone, etc. For instance, if I connect my headphones to the designated center channel or sub port, I cannot retask it to headphones.

    The audio specifications on the Asus website state:
    "Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC
    - Supports : Jack-detection, Multi-streaming, Front Panel Jack-retasking"
  3. Do you try reinstalling new driver? Its just a driver problem.
  4. Yes, I have updated to the latest Realtek driver (R2.68 - 3/30/2012), and I am still experiencing the same issue.

    I have the desktop speakers connected to the green jack, while the headphones are connected in the grey.

    I can right click on the green jack and see the option to re-assign the connector to either speakers or headphones.

    If I right click on the grey jack, I do not see the option to re-assign the connector. By default it is assigned as side speaker out. The same goes for all other ports on the rear. Orange - Center/Sub, Blue - Line In, Black - Rear Speaker Out, Pink - Mic In, Grey - Side Speaker Out, Green - Front Speaker out.
  5. Try front panel headphone out port, which is in your case, for headphone.
  6. Front panel headphone jack works fine, but I am trying to get both the headphones and speakers working through the rear.
  7. @unknownsidhu, otherwise the sound quality is ok for you? i am using the mATX version of that board and i am getting extremely overbassed sound in my headphones and only mono audio over the front connector.

    i thought the software somehow identified them as a subwoofer, and was trying to reroute the connectors as i did on my old Gigabyte board (with ALC889), however i found that only the front ports and the back green port are reroutable. i think this is by the design of the ALC892 and not a software issue :(

    i am seriously thinking about returning the board, but i dont want to dissasseble my system... maybe i just get the cheapest pci-e soundcard available...
  8. In the past the 'preferred' way I dealt with the same issue was to use an Audio hub switch, frankly IMO it's a much better and faster way to switch audio. The one I had also had a USB connection with 2 switches.

    Plantronics PC Headset Speaker Switch -
  9. Agreed - a switch would probably be one of the alternative options.

    Returning the board is not a consideration for me, so I will likely have to go out and pick up a soundcard. Been looking at the Asus Xonar cards (not the cheapest), but they support speaker/headphone switching through the software which is a great convenience.
  10. The HUB can be switched in <3 seconds...but your dough.
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