BIOS: Load Optimized Defaults questions

Hey Everyone,

I've been reading the Gigabyte guide sticky and it explained about the load optimized defaults in the bios.

The questions:
Was this supposed to be done before installing windows?
What happens if I tried it now? Anyone has experience of what may happen?

I have a Gigabyte x58a-ud3r revision 2.0 motherboard. I've had this motherboard for over a year.
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  1. You can alter bios settings anytime, it doesn't matter that windows is installed or not, the bios settings affect the hardware on a level before windows is even loaded
    think of them as the concrete foundation upon which a building is built, and windows is the building,
    if you want to check out the 'optimised' settings on your board, first write down all the settings you can see in the bios,
    load optimised, F10 is 'save settings and exit' and then re-enter your bios to see what has changed,
    if anything ever goes awry you can always reset the bios, either by using the bios screen to load defaults, or by removing the Cmos battery for a few minutes
    read up on your specific board and processor though to better understand limmits, before you breach them :)
  2. The next question is, do I have to load optimized defaults every time I turn on my computer?
  3. No, if you press F10, its saves the setting, then it will be on that until either you change it, or the system bsod's and it will reset itself to default settings
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