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Hi all just wanted a bit of help before i go ahead and buy a new GPU.
First off i am buying it only for gaming and i am pretty sure i wont be doing eyefinity at all and even if i do it wont be for a long time.My main aim from this new card is to be able to play all the new games on maxxed out for a long time to come and im either looking at buying a vapor-X 5870 or the new 6990? those are the 2 choices i want to buy and i found a vapor x 5870 for fairly cheap at a store near me and i also thought later on i was thinking i could always xfire 2 of those later on so yeh any info would be great thanks.
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  1. then get the 5870, pretty good card even though its old but if you cfx then it'll last for a while (maybe until next year depending on how graphic intensive games get)
  2. if the 5870 is over 2.5 times cheaper than 6990 then go for it otherwise it will be a waste of money, both of these cards can max out all the games out there right now
  3. Im cuy using a 4890 which is still doing pretty good for me but cant max out a few games right now and the 5870 vapor-x i can get is only $229 or one of my mates told me to look at the 6970's? should i be checking those out to?
    Thanks again for all the info guys.
  4. yeah 2 6970s are faster than a single 6990 and much faster than 2 5870s
  5. The HD6950 can be unlocked into an HD6970 and costs $70 less. It's likely your best choice.
    If you plan on adding a second card in the future definitely get an HD6000 card. Crossfire scaling is greatly improved compared to the HD5000 cards.
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