Reformatting Disk: Windows shut down to prevent damage to your compute

I just bought this computer off Craigslist, and I've been having issues with it. First of all, it said my version of Windows XP Professional wasn't genuine (it came with the computer). So I tried reformatting the drive and using my own Windows XP Home Edition, but if I do the quick reformat, is says it is unable to copy restore.exe, etc. It can't copy a lot of files.

When I tried to fully reformat, it gave me the blue screen telling me it prevented damage to my computer. Unfortunately, I can't remember what it said caused the problem. I can post that later, but it may take awhile considering it took all night to get past 1%.

What's going on?
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  1. And am I able to save my hard drive?
  2. Never mind, I fixed it by deleting the partition on which the fake windows was installed. Thanks for the tips on the other parts of the site!
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