Would you pay in advance for a game you had yet to see ?

Basically we had a discussion earlier today at work and the question of consoles holding back PC gaming came up.
The upshot was this.
Would you pay a game developing house before time to make a game if they promised to develop it properly, DX11 from the ground up etc ?

Mactronix :)
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  1. We thought about this and decided the best bet from a business stand point would be for someone say EA for arguments sake to offer something along these lines.

    I must admit to having no idea of time frames here so it may well all be a non starter but the thinking was something like this.

    You give $/£ 5-10 now and get an assurance that you get regular updates or playable demo's.
    Once you get proof/assurances that its going along nicely and you have had updates or a demo, which would probably be later in the process im guessing, then you pay a second amount.
    So on and so forth, i mean the details are not important its just a concept really.

    But the main thing from the consumer/investors point of view is they either get a really good game at the end of it which they get either free or at a huge discount. Also they were part of it, i really think people would take the chance just to be able to say they were in it from the start. Maybe you would get DLC at a later date at a discount or free ? There are plenty of options.

    If the developer folds ? well EA wouldn't would they ? I would take the gamble on a big well known name but probably not a small operation.
    If the game didn't launch in its window then you get discount coupons from EA to spend as you see fit.

    Mactronix :)
  2. If it was from Bethesda. I would pony up the cash without thought.
  3. Maybe a sequel on a game that I loved like Master of Orion (Microprose md 90's) to MOO 2 and Diablo to Diablo 2 but I got burned on MOO 3 so I think I'd want a demo.
  4. Well it depends actuall if for say I was interested in the IP. Also another thing that some one like EA could do was if the game did not pan out to give you a discount on product that was available or just say credit with what ever they were going to have in their catalog.
  5. No way. This will never fly.
  6. No, I have a short attention span and demand instant gratification like most americans. I'm not going to pay cash money for a game that might exist in the future.
  7. Simply put no, way too many games turn out to be utter failure.
  8. Well thanks for the replies guys, the thinking was that because there is a huge weight of posts console bashing, basically complaining about the developers not giving us properly coded games, that maybe there was a way around off setting the developers not wanting to pay out for a PC only game and those who want them.
    Just an idea that got tossed into the discussion other day.

    Mactronix :)
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