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I'm just about to get my new 6790 Xfire gaming rig and am wondering how it's going to look with my Samsung Syncmaster p2050 LCD. The LCDs max res is supposedly 1600x900 but I've def run it higher than that on my now dead 8800gtx. Should I be looking to upgrade to a newer LCD? Does it really matter? Will games appearance suffer that much?

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  1. I just bought a gaming rig and still had a older LCD monitor. I play WOW and the FPS with the new computer were a lot higher with the graphics settings set pretty high but i was still pretty disapointed overall all. I went and dropped $219 on a new 23" HP monitor with 1920x1080 and it was like playing a whole new game.
  2. Think I might do the same sometime soon.
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