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My last build I think I did something wrong because my CPU temp was high and over the years my system froze frequently, with the screen turning opaque white with "not responding" in the title bar of the program I would be in and the little blue circle spinning around. I had other issues with the system so I decided to buy a new computer instead of building another one. Now with a new system I've had 2 instances where the little blue circle spun and the system froze. I am not overclocking and the CPU temp is fine. Any clues what's going on? Is this hardware or software? Is this the right forum for my question?


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  1. Are you on Vista?
  2. Forgot to change my sig - using Win 7 now.
  3. Not sure what Vista has to do with anything....

    Without knowing what your hardware is, really can't think of anything.

    Do you regularly use disk cleanup and defrag? When is the last time you did a fresh Windows install? Do you use antivirus/malware protection and update and run it regularly?

    When do you get the little blue or desktop or what? I have no idea what you mean by "title bar of a program".
  4. Your CPU temps might not be 100% accurate even with all the software programs. It happend to me, my cpu showed 20ish degrees on all the programs but it was false. Not until I purchased an after market cpu cooler, which still gave me inaccurate readings but stopped the freezing. Again to confirm, check to see if all your drivers are up to date and run some tests on your comptuer (memtest, cpu, etc...)
  5. With my last machine I did constantly run anti spyware/anti malware, etc. The new machine has all up-to-date drivers, etc.

    The blue circle is while on-line, and the title bar is on the top of the window that says "Mozilla Firefox" or "Welcome to Thunderbird", etc.
  6. So your not using any Anti-virus or Anti-malware whatsoever?

    I'm not surprised your having trouble. Download Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes, update them and scan your computer immediately.

    Both are free.
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