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Motherboard selection help

Hey i was wondering what motherboard i should get for my future gaming build. Fyi on a budget

Im getting a 4170 zambezi (near future overclocking it)
The antec earthwatts 750
Patriot gamer 2 series 16 GB 1866
And a sapphire hd 6870 gpu

I want to know if theres a good value mobo that can handle all that
- also i dont plan on crossfiring
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  1. Well i was looking for something a little more on my price range ~140

    Is that the kind of price i should expect even though i dont want to crossfire?
  2. I don't see why you aren't going with an i3-2120.
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    That is around your price range, not a bad board. Since you are getting a 6870 the zambezi would be a good match
  4. I dont see the difference. The 4170 has higher oc capabilities
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  6. Thanks for the responses
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