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I have my azza solano 1000 case with the 5 fans mounted, intel I5 2500K, asus P8P67 motherboard, and an ocz modxtreme 700 watt power supply. I installed the power supply, put the I5 on the motherboard and got the motherboard in the case, haven't attempted the I5 fan yet but find myself lost. I connected the 20+4 cord from power supply to motherboard, but have no idea what to connect to the EATX12V on the motherboard. I need this connection taken care of before the processor fan because I will lose the easy access. The OCZ manual is 2 pages for each language and I have no idea what to do with the other cords attached to the psu, nor the bag full of wires that came with it. I guess with my limited computer knowledge, I was counting on clear documentation for these components. I believe I got the front panel wiring connected right in the motherboard via the q connector except for the hd audio and another marked ac97. I have no idea where these go as one seems to fit in a motherboard spot, leaving the other nothing to connect to. As for the 5 fans, they sound nice and I bought the case mostly for them but I don't know where to connect them. The top, rear, and side can piggy connect but then what? The two front fan wires come out to 4 connectors and nothing on the motherboard matches it. I see fan spots on the motherboard but three pins and the front fans have 4 pin connector and 4 socket connector. I'm lost and with the money I've spent am growing very discouraged with a challenge I thought I could handle. Any help would be greatly appreciated at this point.
I'd really like to get the wiring taken care of before moving on the the hard drive, dvd drive, memory and graphics card.
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  1. Thanks for the quick reply and link. I was looking for specific things related to the components I own but it's always nice to expand my general knowledge. After a day of pretty much doing that which I have no idea what I did, I managed to build the computer, and install windows 7. My last problem is unresolved, the graphics card. I bought the evga 560 ti gtx sc and installed it. My psu, the ocz modxtreme 700 watt came with 2 pci express cables, one a six to six which fits perfect from card to psu, the second is a 6 to 6+2, the 6+2 going to card, leaving the 2 extra dangling. I read that the 2 connectors that came with the card, a six that split to 2 4 pin(1 pin empty) which left me with the right connectors to the card, but 4 connectors that did not match the psu nor the connectors, are for older psu's without the pci express cables and hookups. Seeing as I have this on my psu, I still have to wonder if the connection is good(with the 2 pci express cables from the psu.
    This is the problem. I disable the intergrated graphics through device manager, install the 560 and turn on. I install the driver and restart when prompted, the start up process begins, and when it goes to the page to type your password and log on, the screen goes black. I can still type my password to the black screen and it accepts because up comes the windows logo, with whatever the windows default desktop background is and then nothing. None of the desktop icons, no taskbar, no cursor, no ability to do anything. I restart in safe mode, uninstall the nvidia driver and restart and the computer works fine or seems to for the limited time I've used it. When in safe mode, before uninstall I see the 560 listed as well as seeing something for the card in the first wave of windows updates I got so it seems to me windows recognizes the 560. This tells me I hooked it correctly but I don't know enough to state this as fact. My question is, given the activity I get, does this sound like a driver problem, a card problem, connection problem, or another problem I have no knowledge of?
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