Problems with N-Lite copy of Win XP on Asus P8x68

This is my second thread. To cut to the chase, I am trying to get a working copy of Win XP Home Edition on an Asus P8z68 mobo. Normally you would just stick the original Win CD into your IDE drive and off you go. However, the new mobos do not have IDE drives, and Win XP does not have SATA drivers built in. The N-Lite software program offers a nice solution; it will embed the missing drivers for you and help you create a new Win XP ISO file that you can burn to a CD and off you go. I have done that a couple times and am running into problems.

I have two legit copies of Win Xp. One was issued with SP 1, the other with SP 2. I have attempted to use each CD as the starting point, and have added (through nLite) an Adaptec driver for my SCSI drives and a SATA driver for the CD/DVD reader. All is good so far; the Setup process goes through, it can read all the files on the CD and safe them onto the harddrive. The second part of the setup process is that you boot from the hard drive that Setup has just saved all the files on, and then Setup configures everything. As has been noted on other threads in various places, you encounter an error message when Setup goes to look for the ASMS directory on the CD. It is there, but for whatever reason Setup won't look on the CD. So my solution has been to pull the hard drive out, take it to my other computer, and copy over the whole ASMS folder. Then, when Setup resumes and says it is looking for ASMS, I direct it to the new folder on the harddrive. The same prompt happens for numerous other files and I do the same thing. It seems to work, eventually Setup completes.

One the installed copy of Windows loads, if I have used the SP 1 version, I am able to install additional drivers (including installation programs that require the Windows Installation Service). The Windows Installation Service seems to be disabled due to missing files when I start with the SP 2 version that has been n-lited to a new CD.

The closest I get to a working installation involves starting with the SP 1 CD, but then everything goes haywire once I download and run the SP 3 executable that you can get from the Microsoft site.

Here's a list of the problems that I am encountering once SP 3 has been installed:

* Windows Activation System is disabled (I get notification balloon saying that I have 30 days left to activate, but if I click on it, nothing happens. And there's nothing accessible in the start menu to activate the software).

* The Windows Installation Service becomes non-functional, so I can't install any software that uses it (which is most things).

* The System Restore function/feature is totally missing. There's no tab under the Accessories or System tab in the start menu.

* The two things that you need to have running to get an IP address recognized, the DHCP service and the DHS something rather, are listed as being services to start "automatically," but I have to manually start them in order to get a dynamic IP address. They never start by themselves.

I was concerned that maybe the n-lite software was not installing certain components because I failed to instruct to install everything, but I have experimented with it several times and always end up in the same place -- with the problems listed above.

I have pretty much run out of options. I ran out of patience a long time ago but hated to be defeated by this. I still think the problem must lie in the n-lite software though because I have Win Xp running on my other computer and it was loaded from one of my disks and is working fine with all features up and running perfectly.

I would welcome any suggests about things I may be doing wrong with the n-lite process or more broadly, how it could be that various Win XP components and processes are not showing up in the install after I complete the n-lite approach.

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  1. I meant that it is an Asus P8z68 mobo
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