Internet connection disconnects when my laptop connects

So when I open up my laptop and connect to the internet, it connects but then shortly after the internet disconnects. Then there is no more internet in my house, it disconnects everyone and then the wireless signal no longer exists. We then have to unplug the internet and the wireless router for 5 minutes for the signal to come back. I thought it may have been the internet but after having numerous laptops connect to my internet and it work fine made me believe that it was my laptop that had the problem.

Anyone know why this could happen? And if I could fix it maybe?
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  1. While I've seen this happen to myself and my friends, I don't know what causes it. 2 different Netgear routers did this. I threw it away and I got a new router (dlink DIR 825) and now everything is great. From experience, when you get an adapter that is made by the same brand as your router things work better --just my experience, not factual---.
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