Same motherboard w/ extra RAM slots?

Hey everyone,
I have an HP computer I recently upgraded. I found while searching for a manual of this motherboard that the same exact motherboard exist with extra slots for ram (the motherboard is asus M2N68-LA (Narra5). Here is the motherboard I have now:

Here is one I found on ebay that's a cooler color with extra RAM ports:$(KGrHqFHJ!sE9BV0EYNBBPRmgvoSzw~~60_3.JPG

Both of these are supposedly EXACTLY the same as far as the basic components and the name/model of the motherboard (M2N68-LA (Narra5)).

Here's my question. If I bought the motherboard with the two extra RAM slots, would I have to reinstall windows? I always heard if you changed motherboards you would have to install new Windows like a new comp, but this motherboard is the same except the extra RAM slots.

This motherboard sells as cheap as 50 bucks, I can get 4GB of ddr2 ram under 40 as well so I could get a nice upgrade in ram if it would b e possible. Does anyone know if I could just switch motherboards to that other one or would I have to redo Windows with it? I just don't want to have to tinker with installing windows/all my huge games programs again it takes forever!
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  1. You should be able to install the new motherboard and get it to run just fine. Windows will likely reinstall all of the drivers because the serial number of the board is different but everything else is the same. I did the same exact thing with a motherboard that I had to replace about two years ago.
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