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Motherboard for the AMD FX-4170?

I'm planning my first ground up build for a new gaming rig. I've decided on a Radeon HD 6850 video card and the new AMD FX-4170 for my CPU and now I'm looking for a good, reasonably priced mobo.

My main concern is compatibility with the FX-4170 since the CPU is so new. I've read several forums cautioning to make sure your mobo has a March 2012 or later BIOS update to avoid problems with the 4170. But since I've never built or upgraded a computer before, I don't know anything about updating the BIOS.

Ideally, I want to find a motherboard that I won't have to update in order to plug in the CPU. Alternately, I've heard good things about Gigabyte's @BIOS software which would make the update process easy enough for a way beginner. But I figure you need an OS to use @BIOS and you need a processor to install the OS, but in order to plug in the processor I need to update the BIOS, which I don't feel qualified to do.

Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Any of the 990FX boards should have no problem with running your CPU. If it is an AM3 board, then possibly you's nned a AM3 CPU to update. BIOS updates are outside of the OS so you don't need one installed.

    So with the 4170, I would not go overboard with a $200 mobo or anything. Look at offerings from msi, asrock, but I am especially fond of the Gigabyte 990FX UD3. Its a solid board that can easily handle dual graphics cards. It doesn't have UEFI BIOS, but to me thats a bit of a gimmick anyway and really won't help with tweaking.
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