Intel or AMD for HTPC?

I am going to build a budget computer for users who do no more than web browse, e-mail, and occasional video watching (internet clips, Youtube, etc.). I am trying to keep cost down as much as possible, but I want the computer to maintain performance for years to come (they are currently using an old budget Celeron machine I built back in 2003).

I don't have any experience with the Sandy Bridge Intel processors, so I am trying to decide between:

AMD Athlon II X2: ~$60
AMD Athlon II X3: ~$80
Intel Pentium G620 (Sandy Bridge): ~$80

If I can find a bit more money I would go with an Intel Core i3-2100 (~$125), but I'm not sure it would even be worth it for what the computer will be used for (absolutely no gaming). The biggest drain on resources would probably come while the web browser is open and the anti-virus is performing a weekly scan...

The whole idea is that I don't plan on upgrading anything in this computer for a few years as long as it is functioning properly. Unfortunately, the geek in me refuses to purchase an inferior product and I can't stop researching which would maximize performance for the cost =)

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  1. I think maximizing performance for cost would be Llano currently.,2975.html
  2. Go for a AMD X3 or any of the phenom black editions (555, 560,565) those are usually under $100 and should last you a good amount of time. Also, if you get a BE, you may get lucky and unlock a quad,but unfortunately I was unlucky :(
  3. Intel recently announced some new CPU's for the Sandy Bridge lineup. There are some el cheapo Celerons (~$50) on the list:

    Intel Reveals 16 New Sandy Bridge CPUs & Price Cuts

    They look to be a bit better than Athlon X2's according to this review.
  4. I think the whol;e point is to future proof this build a bit and with the OS constantly becoming more complex and power hungry, as well as html5 coming ~someday~. I think the best deal is an i3-2105 build myself. Barring that then go for a cheap Athlon ii x3 build as long as the board has integrated 4250 graphics. that should hold you for at least a couple years.
  5. Llano ftw.

    By far the best integrated setup to come out and will easily be powerful enough for web/video for years to come.
  6. I think Llano is the best option, may be a little stronger than needed, but that will help with making the system last a few years. Similar processing power with lower power consumption and superior integrated graphics which help with flash acceleration and other common tasks.
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