LED-LCD Television or Monitor for online gaming?

Hi. I recently purchased an absolutely amazing computer from cyberpowerpc. I ordered the computer without a monitor, and decided I'd just reuse a dell monitor from my 4 year-old computer. I'm looking at either getting a new HD monitor to use for gaming or a 32" LED-LCD Vizio television to use as my monitor as well. The TV would replace a 13" tube TV I've had for at least a decade in my room.

What do you guys think? 32" 1080p 120Hz LCD-LED Vizio for $498.00 or a 22-24" Acer/Asus/HP monitor for $170+? Any recommendations/thoughts? I have a Sam's Club membership by the way, which contributes to some of these prices being quite cheap.

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  1. Riiiiiiiiiight, it might help if I mentioned I'm looking to play World of Warcraft/Star Wars: The Old Republic as far as online games go, so latency/ping times between processor and the actual television are somewhat important.
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