Hi looking to upgrade my computer for gaming!~ lil help!

Id like to upgrade my computer for gaming. I have 2 gtx 460s 768mb and xfx black edition PS.. Other than that i need everything. Mobo/ram/CPu pretty much.

Could u guys recommend a good mother board / ram and cpu to buy?

Around 700 bucks budjet!


I wanna be able to play the games I have at a high setting with a good Frame rate.

(crysis 2, witcher 2, CoDs, Metro2033, Deus Ex)

Thanks guys!
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  1. If you have that much money to spend I'd wait a couple months for SB-E (or Bulldozer this month if that suits your fancy) and get a 3820 with a good overclocking motherboard and 8GB of RAM designed for the X79 platform. If you just want something right now then you can grab a 2500k, Asrock SLI mobo, and 8GB of RAM for ~$450.
  2. Start off by reading Tom's Reviews and pay attention to Metro. Apparently Metro in PC will crush if your hardware is not sufficient.

    Sure you can get a game to run on low settings or none at all on most anything new today. I cannot make a offer to you at such a low budget.

    All I can tell you is find the best Motherboard, Best CPU, Best RAM, Best storage (SSD...) and keep it simple stupid )9Aka KISS...)

    You will do alright... just pay attention to what Metro needs to run. I think one of the reviews here on Tom's a 580 card failed in a few minutes on that game.
  3. Sandy bridge 2500k--$ 219.99

    Corsair Dominator 16 gb--- $159.99

    EVGA Z68 FTW 160-SB-E689-KR LGA 1155 Intel Z68 $269.99 - $10 rebate

    The total comes to $639.97 , now I am sure that there will be a lot of posts to follow that will say you can get less exspensive components and you don't need what I have listed but you asked for recomendations and here is mine. The games you listed require good solid components if you want to play at high resolution and get good fps.
  4. hey thanks for taking the time guys! appreciate it i doOo! :)

    And thanks INzone for the links! :) :)
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