Professional Wiring Job. What do you use? Cable Management at its best

Hey all,

I am wondering what parts besides zip ties people use in their cable management? I will be building a new computer soon, and I want the inside to be spotless. If you can link to where I can buy what you recommend, you get points for that. Also, if you can show an example in a picture in addition to a link, you will get my A+ rating on my non-existent scale of approval!

What other tips do you guys have? Such as purchasing different lengths of SATA cables?

Anything that will help my build be more professional, I am open to suggestions!

Thanks everyone!
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  1. The side of the case is my number one "secret" for cable management

    It should NEVER have a window , and it should always be on
  2. That's not quite the answer I was looking for, but very profound. I suppose you're right as a long as the airflow is sufficient--too bad I'm much to OCD for that.
  3. There was a post somewhere about either the HAF 922 case or the 932, and those were the best insides I've ever seen.

    I had already bought that case, and it was pretty easy to get to what I thought of as sufficient.
  4. One of the things I used in my current setup is what apparently is called a "wire saddle."

    That, combined with zip ties is what I used. But I was hoping for something additional---something to put it over the top so to speak.

    Something perhaps like this:

    Not so sure I would go to all the trouble of "sleeving" the wires, because that would be too much work to take apart if I had to replace something.

    I guess I was just looking for any other tips besides buying a modular power supply and keeping the extra cables elsewhere.
  5. I try not to use cable ties,too messy imo
    but check my signature links for cable stupidity on a couple of builds,
    My latest project is a real challenge though, a watercooled In win Dragon rider which I plan on the only cables/hoses you see will be about 4" of each hose from the cpu waterblock, its a build in progress but I'm ordering the Mobo/psu on the 20th so keep an eye there for progress and maybe an idea or two for you to use :)

    on rough ideas/tips though,
    Cables ties and adhesive anchors for them
    electrical tape, I use this to shroud and shape cables, sometime even to hold it in place, (although I'm using fabric tape on the latest build where necessary)
    I sit and look at the case with the mobo in, then I can actually visualise what I want hidden then figure the best route to do it,
    **Man who stares at P.C.'s** :P
    modular psu, I considered one but the way that the plugs are spread out over the width of the back of them is too much for me, a non modular unit you can bundle them all up all pull them down the side to conceal but then a modular unit you dont have 'spare' cables to hide so its up to you, how bad is your ocd?
    mines pretty bad when it comes to computer wires lol

  6. Maybe I should take a picture of my current build and see what people think of that?

    Thanks for the info moto--I'm probably not THAT ocd.
  7. Hehe, I didn't think anyone was lol, but I hope you got some pointers or ideas there, let's have a piccy of your build then and I'll tell you how I'd manage it :-)
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