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H77 vs z77

Hi all what is the difference between h77 and z77? I was reading that z77 is meant for overclocking which I will not be doing so should I just go for h77?
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    Basically the difference is that a Z77 motherboard allows overclocking and Crossfire/SLI while a H77 does not. H77 is also, obviously, cheaper. So the choice is very eary
  2. If your not overclocking or using dual video cards a H77 will have everything you need.

    I recommend this one:
  3. No I won't be overclocking or using more than one video card. Thanks everyone for your answers that was very helpful. So Im just going to go with h77 then :)
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  5. H77 is still good for gaming because you can overclock GPU with H77 also.
    Speed Boost has somewhat made CPU overclock pointless, and RAM overclock was never that big of a factor. Most people in reality don't really need Z77.
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