OCZ fata1ty 550w run 24/7

I thought i started a thread on this but then i couldn't find it /facepalm
Anyways, This PSU is fairly cheap and modular so already winning in my book, I want to stick this in a server I'm building, it's a going to be a lightweight server essentially the cheapest cpu/mobo combo i can find to handle a RAID 5 setup with 3x2tb hdd's and host a website and some cvs software (source code versioning) Will this PSU be able to run 24/7? Reviews said it was decent enough, not amazing but decent.
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  1. its alright PSU, how much are you going to be paying for it, Fatality stuff is generally over priced, what i did notice is that it is only basic 80 plus certified? not sure how you feel about this as there are more efficient PSUS on the market that you should look at. Have a look through Corsairs range try get the 650 HX not sure if the price is in the same league, or just look at Corsair GS series try at-least get a bronze certified PSU obviously the higher the better. I find through-out the forums people generally recommend Corsair and or Seasonic as being the more reliable brands.
  2. I can get it for $79 which is pretty cheap. I don't really need much power from it, just a psu that wont die on me if it's on 24/7. The hx650 looks good but its an extra $50 over the fata1ty which i just can't squeeze that into my budget.
  3. Where are you buying from? It's a ok psu but for that kind of money I could pick you something much better.
  4. Quote:
    Where are you buying from?

    I realize there would probably be better PSU's for the money, but i can't find any others that are modular which is fairly important to me, It's going in an antec skeleton case and the less wiring the better, I like my builds to be very tidy (well except behind the mobo tray but noone ever sees that *wink*) and with an open air case it'll get very messy if i have loads of wiring bunched up. I guess i should have been more specific, Is this going to be the best performing modular power supply under $100?

    As far as parts go in Aus i can usually track down anything that people from America recommend, just usually at an extra 5-10% cost.
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    Well going through your reply i do think you have made a good choice, its not he greatest PSU but for the price and the modular for which you using it for it is fantastic, i will take another look around and see but yes i do think this is maybe the PSU you should go for.
  6. I went modular, and ended up going back non-modular.

    Modular psu did not make my case tidier, in fact it made it worse cause the cables were sooooo thick.
  7. thats not very true, different manufacturers use different insulation upon different PSU'S stick to modular as you will not be using to much wiring for your rig as it is a small open plan model.
  8. yea but modular u can select only the cables what u need ,...i think its still thinner like that than the non is the link on crosair hx 650 modular ....its only 20$ more than the fatality...

    i would go hx
  9. i have had this power supply for maybe 2 years now and it still works just fine. i would recommend
  10. Hey Urbz we did recommend that PSU and i would recommend it to Beni problem is hes working on a very tight budget and its 50 dollars more there in Aus so its not going to work for him unfortunately. Beni go with the Fatality after doing a bit of product research like i did the other day it seems the best bet considering the funds you are paying on it.
  11. if you want a psu that runs 24/7 you want it to have all japanese good quality capacitors rated at 105C.
  12. Here Benikens here is all you ned to know this should decide your final choice. =)
  13. Oh another thing on the anandatech apparently this is an 80+ bronze PSU not white? Very strange.
  14. Quote:
    Modular psu did not make my case tidier, in fact it made it worse cause the cables were sooooo thick

    I think it really depends on the case, in my old thermaltake soprano mid tower, i had to remove the usb/audio top panel when i put my ax850 in there because it is modular, the cables are quite sturdy when all plugged in tightly together, whereas a normal power supply has them bundled to one side and in this case was definitely a better choice. However in my haf x, my modular power supply has no issue and I can pick and choose cables i need, add more in when i add extra hardware etc definitely a bonus.

    Thanks for the replies, I'll probably end up going with this PSU (unless i win the lotto or something)
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