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Hi guys,

I have built my son a basic rig of parts i had hanging arround for a first computer, but the boot to motherboard splash screen seems to take ages , like a minute or two.
The motherboard is a asus m2n32 sli delux, and cpu is a amd 4200+. The asus cpu compatibility shows this cpu should work with any bios when i checked.
I also have swapped out the mother board for a msi motherboard and seem to have the same problem. Could the cpu be damaged maybe? once it finally does fire up it is fine and runs smooth as anything, its just getting the dam thing going.
The cpu was the only thing i baught secondhand from ebay thats why i think something may be up as the other kit is all mine.
The OS is win 7 ultimate btw.

Hope some one could shed some light and thanks for your time.
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  1. Sounds like you need to enter the BIOS and tweak it a little. You can start by disabling the splash screen, so you can actually see what is going on, an if there is an issue during POST.
    Disable things that you do not use, like extra SATA or IDE ports, USB connections, and other hardware devices. The BIOS will pause and hunt for all this stuff if these or other options are all left on "auto" Many BIOS's have a "fast boot" option as well that disables much of these extra odds and ends that most people do not use and also by passes the self memory test. Be sure that the memory test is disabled, no need to test your memory every single time you boot either, this can take 10-15 seconds by its self. These tweaks can really speed things up.
  2. Thanks ill just do all those things now and post back later.
  3. hi ive done everything you said but i cant find a memory test function in bios, i did find the fast boot option and also disabled splash screen. Ive also googled memory test function on that mb to no avail. I also disabled everthing par the hdd and removed gpu. but still the same happens. Oh and tried only one stick of ram and no ram.
    Any other ideas or input on the memory test fuction location in bios?
  4. I am also having a similar problem. Would really like to have this question updated...
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