Trouble shooting ram, what's the next step?

I built a PC for a friend of mine and he's been having some issues (BSODs). He only has information on one of the bluescreens and it was the error 01A (Memory related, correct?). So I re-installed windows because it had begun to act funny, updated the mobo bios, and corrected a setting in the bios related to the ram (set to the XMP profile to support the ram's true speed).

However when I test the system for stability using intel burn test it can pass 20 passes on lower amounts of memory (1-2g), sometimes passes on 4, and never passed on the maximum of 6g. Memtest86+ reported an error in the first 5 minutes of running which leads me to believe there's an issue with the ram. It's either the slots on the mobo or the ram itself.

What would be the next step in troubleshooting? One stick at a time? Different slots on the mobo? RMAing the ram now?
Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Figure I should add a bit more build specific information
i5-3570k - Stock speeds/cooler
8gig Corsair Vengeance ram (2x4)
Biostar TZ77B mobo
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  1. YEP....take one stick of the ram...and try booting with it in all 4 slots...if no issues...then try each stick by itself to see if it's a bad stick of ram or a bad slot.

    Read through your motherboard manual and make sure when using both sticks have them in the proper slots for using 2 sticks of ram...dual channel should be either the red slots..or the white slots...or it COULD be one in each...Highly doubtful on that last one...just read your motherboard manual to determine if you have been installing them correctly...ALSO...make sure that both sticks "snick down" should feel/hear a click as the ram locks in!

    Good luck
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