Blue Screen Error; Power Off @ Power Strip Problem

My computer Blue Screens stop error code; 0x1E consistently and I can reproduce the error with out fail.

The error happens every single time I turn the power off from hitting the switch on the power strip which makes this a very weird problem.

I shut down the computer completely then when I know I'm not going to be around or I am going to bed I turn the switch on my power strip off to save energy (about a 15 Watt difference). Then with out fail the next time I turn on my computer after about 20 minutes of computing no mater what I am doing desktop use or gaming the computer blue screen errors (BSOD) with the stop code 0x1E (0x000001E).

After I reset the computer it works fine until the next time I turn the power off @ the power strip?

Any incite into what could be going on with the power to the computer would be really interesting?
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  1. That does sound weird... Start with checking all your drivers are up to date. Motherboard devices in particular, but all should be checked.
  2. Yah anytime I shut down the computer then turn the power off from the power strip the computer crashes the next time I boot up the computer, it's a terrible problem I don't know how to fix. Who knows how much power my computer is draining while it's off and the power strips are on it really bothers me.
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