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Atx vs Matx

Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me the difference between atx and Matx? I was reading that matx boards have more heat issues in a smaller case when overclocking (which I won't be doing) and since it's a smaller board the expansion cards will be cramped because its a smaller board with less space in between each slot. Oh and a smaller board means less slots. (which is ok because I would only ever use the video card slot realistically)
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    Smaller board less expansion possibilities, less slots on so on! Slots are with std gap between them no different than ATX so no crowding. Heat is always an issue in small cases unless well ventilated same applies to badly ventilated mid tower cases with ATX boards.
  2. Ok so besides future expansion and heat I could go with whichever and be fine it seems. Let's say I went with a Matx board, could I use a regular size tower to help with heat? Also by future expansion do you mean just more ram? Or other cards? I currently have a matx board and the only slot I have ever used was the video card slot so I think extra slots won't matter to much.
  3. Yes they fit in normal tower no problem! Future expansion I mean fewer add on cards some of the mATX have 4 ram slots. If it is all you need go for it some of them are very good!
  4. mATX is fine. As long as the board has the features you want, I'd say go with it.
  5. Thank you everyone!
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  7. I am using Matx board in Mid size tower. Board is Maximus V in Cooler Masater mid case. No issue at all there is enough room to put two PCIE 3.0 cards. But i always use one power full card so no prob. If any thing i get better cooling then my previous ATX board.

    Just be careful choosing Cpu cooler. Some cooler tend to take alot of room, and might hinder one ram slot. Easily fixed if your cooler fan move up and down.
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