Two Asus 21.5" monitor colors are different!

I recently purchased another asus monitor same size, same colors, same everything except contrast ratio.

First monitor : asus VH22H

Second Monitor : asus VH226

I set both monitors to the exact same brightness, contrast etc. on their monitor menu. The new one is a bit brighter and shows a hint of blue, the older one is more with a hint of dark green.

I've tried windows calibration but it did not help at all.

How could i get both of these monitors to look exactly the same? I dont understand why they are different when the specs are almost identical!

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  1. It's because the monitors are different, they are technically different models. Specifications could be identical but they can still vary. I've got the same issue with 2 Acer monitors, every feature is identical but the color varies a little and they are different models. I just tweaked the settings on the monitors themselves until the color matched close enough.
  2. The monitors are different. Additionally, there are many TN panel manufacturers that have a slightly different manufacturing process that results in some minor differences. LCD monitor uses panel from several sources.

    Specs are are basically generic.

    Set up one monitor to what you like, then try and match it with the other monitor.
  3. bahh... So to point me in the right direction, a brightness level of 66 on one would be the same as 66 on the other? Same with contrast?

    I just want to narrow my adjusting of settings. Color is the main issue so i should be messing with the RGB settings.

    Thanks again for the quick replies!
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    We can't point you in the right direction 'cause we would have to actually see the results while tweaking.

    Just setup one monitor to your liking. Then try to match it with the second monitor. A brightness of 66 for monitor might actually be the equivalent of 58 for another monitor.
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  6. Thanks for the responses guys, loneninja especially for replying soo fast and Jaguarskx for actually coming back to the thread to answer another question!

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