Problems overclocking i5-3570K and Kingston HyperX

Hello! Just built my first rig (specs below) which was a huge upgrade over my AMD Phenom X4 with DDR2 I bought off the shelf at Gateway. I've tried using Asus' built-in suite to overclock my CPU (I only really want it to get it to ~ the 4.0 GHz range), and enabling X.M.P. in the BIOS to bring my memory up to 1600. The problem is that whenever I do either of those things, the computer gets really unstable, I start to get blue screens regarding page faults, etc, and it actually seems to run slower. It runs fine at 3.4 GHz and 1333, but I bought the parts that I bought in order to push them just a bit harder. As it is, there isn't a whole lot of difference between my current PC and the one off the shelf.

What can I do to overclock my CPU and memory just a bit and still keep my system stable? Or is it a tradeoff - reliability for speed?

Windows 7 HP 64-bit
i5-3570K @3.40GHz
16GB Kingston HyperX @1333
Maximus V Gene
MSI Twin Frozr 560 Ti
CoolerMaster GX 650W
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  1. First, even at off the shelf settings the rig you built is very good. But let's take on your problems: What are you trying to push the RAM to? If it is 1333 RAM and you are running it at 1333 then you have maxed it out. I have Gskill Sniper RAM that is rated at 2133 and it will declock to 1600, but I cannot OC it to 2400. Pushing RAM rated at 1333 to higher boltages and OC's usually results in BSODs.

    The CPU is another matter. What kind of cooling are you using? The stock cooler is very poor for OC'ing. If you are using stock cooling then my guess is that you are experiencing heat throttling of the CPU.

    In any case you should post your stats from CPU-z along with temperature readings so that you can get better assistance here.
  2. make sure your bios is up to date asus added some memory patches to there bios and new cpu code. check to see that the ram you have is on the mb qal like with asus or the ram vendor. with cpu-z look at the xmp profile line it show you the max speed the ram can run. you may need to adjust the timing in ai.
  3. Thanks for the help! I am using the stock cooler, and I think it's ASUS's CPU-Level Up that's giving me issues. Enabling XMP in the BIOS allowed me to bring the Kingston up to 1600 and it's running fine.

    I'll check for BIOS updates and also look in to a better cooling solution.
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