I need help picking components.. I'm building a computer

Hi everyone,

I'm building a computer for my mom and sister.. all they do is unproductive online browsing Facebook. So, I don't need to spend too much money (hopefully below 4 or 5 hundred). I'm very confused on how this all works. Can I buy ANY component and as long as it's compatible with the motherboard, it'll work with everything else?

Heres what I had in mind:

-a medium end CPU (I was thinking Core 2 Duo, i3, or something AMD)
-a minimal graphics card (no video editing or anything).. don't make it too crummy
-4GB DDR3 RAM with Windows 7 64-bit
-Atleast a 320GB HDD drive, 5400rpm is fine
What power supply should I get?
What optical drive?
What motherboard?
What else?

My main question is, how do I find out what's compatible with what? Can I find that all on the motherboard's description? Are certain processors incompatible with certain graphics cards? Ugh!

I'm very new to all this.. If you could give me any other advice/words of wisdom that's be great.

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  1. heres the deal. for a first time builder i'd recommend going with a diy kit. they have everything you need, and all the parts are compatable. that said, heres one i like for you -

    ASUS Triple Core Barebones Kit - AMD Phenom II X3 700e CPU, CPU Cooler, Corsair 4GB DDR3 RAM, Seagate 500GB HDD, LG 24x DVDRW, Thermaltake V2 Mid-Tower, 450-Watt PSU
    asus amd motherboard
    3 core amd cpu 2.4 ghz
    nvidia graphics on the motherboard
    4gb ddr3 ram
    500gb hd
    dvd reader/writer
    450 watt power supply

    price - $250 (no os included)

    if you want win 7, thats abt $100,
    or you can put on ubuntu. for basic web usage a office programs, ubuntu is perfect. its free, fast, and not susceptible to windows viruses.
    for you i'd recommend Ubuntu.

    ps if you do buy windows, get home not professional.
  2. There should be a home build section,or at least there used to be.
  3. Still is man, there still is, but cut Op a little slack hehe
    Head over to homebuild, fill this in a new thread there
    and you should get some builds thrown up soon,
    although I'm inclined to agree in this case with David, a barebones kit could be your best friend
  4. I would suggest you get a low-end Sandy Bridge CPU (an i3 should be fine) and use the built-in graphics - no need for a discrete graphics card. Use an H67 motherboard. 4GB of DDR3 is cheap.

    If you want to economise, then just buy the smallest hard disk you can get readily. If you can afford a bit more, then get a smallish (60GB?) SSD - the machine will boot extremely fast.

    As to the rest of the build:

    I like Pioneer opticals - I'd get a DVR-219 DVD writer.
    Power supply? Perhaps get something like an Antec Sonata case (which comes with a decent power supply built-in)?
  5. Is that 500$ budget including a monitor? If so then why not get a laptop!
  6. HAHA laptop FTW
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