I7 sandy bridge, 2gb nvidia graphics but low ghz

I'm thinking about buying a lenovo y470. It has the i7 sandy bridge 4gb upgradeable ram and 2gb graphics. thing is the ghz is only 2.00. I'm confused, right now i have an acer 4740g with the old i5 processor and it has 2.26 ghz. I really want to get the lenovo- can someone explain if the ghz matters that much. I've looke at other with an i5 or even i3 that has more than that!
cheers for your help
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  1. it does matter but 260mhz is not a big deal when you compare the second gen i7 to the original i5. at the same clock speeds the i7 is about 20 percent more efficent across the board including processing. so a comparable i5 would have to be 800 or so MHz faster to offer the same performance. then you have turbo mode on the i7, again its more effective than on the i5, offering bigger bumps in boost-ability...
    so in real terms although the i7 is rated slower its actually a better performer...

    oh and dont be fooled by the 2gig gfx. 1 gig is plenty for that lappys screen and even if you connect to an external tv or monitor it will handle anything up to 1080p with ease. if you get the 1 gig version you may be able to jump up a cpu grade with the money you save.
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Easy answer? No, those 260MHz aren't important compared with the 2GHz SB.

    P.D. Make fours thread for the same problem won't give you the answer more quickly.
  3. Did you make sure you have "performance" setting on, in the power options
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