New Build, need opinions

Hi, I'm planning on upgrading my computer to an Intel i3-2100 with the following build:

Intel Core i3-2100 ($129.99)
ASRock H61N-VS ($49.99)
Kingston ValueRAM 4GB DDR3 ($46.99)
ZOTAC ECO GeForce GTS 250 ($49.99)
Ultra LSX 650w (already have)
WD 250GB internal (already have)
WD 2TB external(already have)

Total upgrade cost: $276.96

I have two considerations with this:
1) I know the i3-2100 comes with Intel HD 2000 graphics and I'm wondering if it that beats my GeForce 9400 GT. And also, how does the built-in graphics compare with the GTS 250.

2)I'm not sure about the reliability of the ASRock brand. It's a subsidiary under ASUS, but can it be trusted?

What do you guys think?
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  1. i would bump up the gpu to a 5670 or a 5770 for like 50$ more
    asrock is fine
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    I would get a board with Sata3 and USB3, but that's me.
    I agree, 5670 or 5770 would be much better. If you wanna stick with NVidia, get the GTS 450.

    ASRock is an excellent company.
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