HDMI Cable Length for 1080p - 50 ft?

I want to setup a second monitor in another room. Both are 1080p. I recently bought a 50 ft hdmi cable that boasted 1080p compatibility, but it didn't work.

Now I'm wondering... Is there a 50 ft hdmi cable available that will transmit 1080p?

Thank you in advance for your advice! :)
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  1. Sure there is but how about a better and possible cheaper alternative?
    Get an HDMI to cat 5 or cat6 converter or wallplate rig. Cat6 will run 150ft being better shielded than an HDMI cable. Please note that you will need two cat5/6 cables to replace the 1 hdmi cable.
  2. Interesting. I didn't even think of that. So it would be...

    pc > hdmi > cat 5/6 > hdmi > monitor

  3. ^ Absolutely correct. Remember to take shielded.
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