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Hey, i am in a small problem(or big one i think). I recently bought my a graphic card (geforce 8400GS PCI express). I looked up my motherboard specs beforehand to make sure it was compatible.
Intel Corporation DQ43AP
I asked at the forums and people said it is fine and a PCI express x16 card would work.
I opened up the case to install the card and the slot for the PCI x16 was missing. There were marking saying x16 but card holder. I have attached a picture. Is there any way i can get a pci express slot if there is such a thing or an adapter to convert pci to pci express. If not is replacing the motherboard the only option i have?

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  1. A new motherboard is your only option there, I'm afraid.
  2. Looks like the slot was removed. RMA it.
  3. RMA wont work, its too old for that. :(
  4. Then new board is the only way. But i never see such faulty board without slot.
  5. Yea, i know. I want to kill the person who sold me the pc but i was too naive then lol. Oh well lesson learnt.
  6. Looking at the solder pads, it looks like it was never there in the first place, which is very odd.
  7. It was not tested/QC passed. The person sold a faulty one. Next time get a mobo from a shop or from a trusted site.
  8. ^^. Yes. Thanks to everyone. I realized my fault.
  9. to the may have made the mb but if it for a dell or hp it not going to be a stock mb. most of these vendors have asus or other vendor to make boards for them. sometimes there missing slots or there wired for there own power supplys.
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    Intel made the motherboard with only one PCI-E x1 slot and Two PCI slots. Right from Intel
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