Need help choosing mobo for core i5 2500K

I am purchasing a new intel core i5 2500K cpu. Can someone tell me which chipset mobo I should be looking for? I read that some supported mobos do not let you overclock your cpu. Whole others won't let you use the onboard graphics. I was told certain models let you do both, overclock the i5 and run its onboard graphics. Can anyone help me with this? I've been out of the PC building game a while so a lot of thsi is new to me.
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  1. Z68/Z77 is what you need to be looking at. Both allow for OC'ing and both allow the usage of the iGPU.
  2. awesome! thank you! Can you also give me a reccomendation on a good geforce card that goes well with this? Something mid to high end but not bank busting.
  3. A GTX 560/560 Ti will be just fine. Not high end, but right in the middle.
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