Should I upgrade a GTX285?

Hello all, I'm using a GTX285 with 1GB of memory that I bought about two years ago, and it seems like it's already out of date because Crysis 2 lags on the highest settings (I haven't had any problems running games until now). So I want to know, is it really worth spending another $250-$700 just to get a DirectX11 card? Being an unemployed college graduate, it's not easy coming up with that kinda money any more...
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    Just save your cash and hang onto what you got, there isn't very many worth while cards at this time that are worth it. College my self, ughh more loans again :pfff:
  2. just put the settings one stage down, heard that you won't see big difference in picture quality, but the game will run smoother
  3. You spent a lot on that 285, make it go a bit longer, at least until HFD7xxx or GTX6xx series, unless you're loaded then go for it!

    GTX285 is still no slouch! Why replace it for 1 setting in 1 game!
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  5. The consensus seems to be in. I'll wait until 1) I can afford a new card and 2) A new card becomes more necessary. Maybe by the end of the year.
  6. Good luck :)

    Hopes that Kepler comes out by then.
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